Hiring alert! Onda is!

Inês Cortez

Jul 16, 2020


We were bored too, purely bored.

We didn’t want to build just another website, nor we wanted a branding project to be just one more. No. Life’s too short for that. What we really wanted was to feel proud, exciting, and remove all the dullness off the internet. Wouldn’t you love that?

That is why we created Onda.

Onda Studio is a design studio made to smash the boredom in the digital world. We make a difference in defining brands and their experience. We want our clients to see our work and say “Wow!”

Who are we looking for?

✔️ You’re a creative developer or a designer (we’re hiring two people, not all in one).

✔️ If you’re a designer, experience in graphic design, print and animations is a plus.

✔️ If you’re a developer, you’ve got the skills to work on the visual side of the web.

✔️ You’ve got the technical skills to work on web and brand identity.

✔️ You ain’t got no problem dealing with clients.

What do you gain with Onda?

You want more than a salary, right? Here’s what we got!

💻 Remote-first environment. Work from home if you want. Remote candidates are welcome!

🔋 Autonomy. Work when you want too. We trust you.

🏃‍♀ Health insurance. Ain’t no marriage, but we are with you in sickness and health.

🙋‍♂ 🙋 Pretty nice colleagues. Seriously, we are.

🤺 Discount at a gym in Braga.

💆 Physiotherapy sessions. They will crack you up, and your back too.

⌨️ Cool laptop, mouse, screen, and keyboard.

💰 Budget for equipment, events, and technical books.

🎅 Annual prize. It’s not only Santa that comes to town.

🎩 No suits and ties, but time to hang out and relax.


Send us your portfolio or the place where we can check your work at francisco@ondastudio.co or ines@ondastudio.co

Looking forward to hearing from you! 😎