Hello world, we are Onda

Francisco Baila

Mar 17, 2020


We are part of a growing universe called Subvisual, a new ventures company. Subvisual is not like other companies thanks to its hands-on approach. There's space to learn even about the hidden skills and knowledge that people have but don’t show every day.

Here you find people from totally different areas at the office and anyone can have the right answer to a problem.

How did we get here?

I joined Subvisual as a Designer in 2015. Little by little, communication and branding projects started to appear, and I began to work on them. I saw these projects as an opportunity. I wanted to get the boredom out of the web and branding. I didn't want a website to be just another website, a logo to be just one more logo, or a campaign to be average. I wanted them to be different, to translate the brand and to be engaging.

I needed the right people for this and, from project to project, they came along. These people have an eye for strategy and love creative code, copy, marketing and branding. We decided to create a company and have projects and clients of our own. That's how we created Onda.

Today we are a digital studio focused on the definition and design of brands and their experiences.

What makes us different?

To make sure we remain true to ourselves and our purpose, we wrote our “laws”. We revise them together monthly.

Skills and knowledge are important but they are not everything when it comes to hiring, and we want our new joiners to breathe and believe in these laws as much as we do.

Since we discuss them as we grow, our laws are a constant work in progress. We want to share them with you so you know what moves us.

  • We are a Subvisual's venture and this will always be our mothership
  • We are creative
  • We are a (small) studio
  • We are collaborative
  • We defend our work but we admit when we are wrong
  • We prefer to say “no” instead of doing dull work
  • We say “yes” and then we learn how to do it
  • We learn the rules to be able to break them
  • We do what people need
  • We look for emotions
  • We are part of the client’s team
  • We start by educating ourselves about the client and then we educate the client about us
  • We go the extra mile until we are proud of our work
  • We care for recognition when worthy of the effort
  • We are eager and humble, always keen on learning
  • The last project was our best one so far


A brand can only captivate an audience with a well-defined personality, and hence our main focus is on communication. Our starting points are always the brand's personality and culture. We want to translate your message right and dazzle your audience.

Whether it's a mobile app, a website, or a rebranding project, we will first study and help you define your brand’s personality, and only then we’ll start the project. By doing this, we’ll be able to spread beautiful and strong brands throughout the internet and the world.

If you have a brand and need help communicating it, let’s do it together.

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